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José Pizarro

Rick Toogood was born on the Channel Islands surrounded by fish.

His mother trained at Cordon Bleu and her enthusiasm for food, particularly fish, was passed on to Rick. With a passion for food ingrained his blood, Rick went on to manage various different sites for Fishworks before realising his and wife Katie’s joint dream of owning their own restaurant. Despite having had no formal food training, founder Rick, along with his wife Katie, discovered their dish inspiration from all avenues, including travelling and visiting other restaurants and spending days working for free at various fishmongers before opening their first Prawn on the Lawn in Islington in 2013.

Katie and Rick have since opened two further restaurants in Padstow, another Prawn on the Lawn in2015, followed by Barnaby’s in 2018. Rick and Katie also launched their debut cookbook, Fish and Seafood To Share.

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