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Be part of something that helps! An initiative for good!

In these crazy times, we are all in it together. Helping others in a time of need is good for those in need and also for you! Our aim to connect people and food, while having fun!

  • Helping others makes you feel good!
  • Helping others, helps others!
  • Increases your brand awareness
  • People warm to those that help

We are looking for:


  • Create recipes from readily available ingredients
  • Maximise the nutrition benefit of food
  • Use ingredients that are plentiful but people are not sure how to use
  • Tips to make food last longer or go further
  • Give helpful information so cooking is easier


Creating this hub required many people, lots of time and resources. So help is needed to keep this initiative sustainable.

If you want to be in front of food and drink lovers and promoted by leading chefs and food influencers, please get in touch.

How you can help:

  • Sponsor events
  • Giveaway prizes
  • Give advice in the form of articles, video tips
  • Donate
  • Offer your services to help drive this project

Our channels

The festival will be streamed live on the Virtual Food Festival YouTube channel.

Let's Enjoy The Festival & Support Our Local Communities