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Melissa Hemsley

Melissa Hemsley is a self-taught chef, food columnist, best-selling cookbook author, real food activist and sustainability champion who is passionate about spreading the power of feel-good, nourishing food through #thesustainabilitysessions and shares her love of cooking for others through anti food waste charities @thefelixproject and @olio_ex #cook4carers.

Her fourth cookbook – EAT GREEN is packed with is packed with flavoursome, flexitarian recipes, and useful tips and advice for more planet-friendly, waste-free eating.

I grew up on an army base with an energetic Filipino mum and an army dad, who taught me the value of a good home-cooked meal and the importance of sharing it with the ones we love. When I left home and learned to cook for myself, it was my mum’s waste-free approach that I took on, reinventing leftovers, raiding my fridge and seeking out in-season foods, which have dictated how I cook – simple and seasonal, feel-good and delicious.

I cook, write and tend my “work in progress” vegetable garden in East London, where I’m renovating a house with my boyfriend Henry. We live with our dog Nelly and our home is always full of hungry friends and family squeezed around the kitchen table and expecting waiting for a fridge foraged sharing feast for dinner!

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