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Jack Stein

Jack is Chef Director for the Rick Stein Group. As a chef with over 15 years’ experience and countless more exploring the culinary world, Jack has been inspired by the excitement of different cuisines and flavours. He’s combined the gastronomic memories collected on his travels with his passion for the best of British produce to develop his own style of cookery.

Jack’s debut cookbook was released in 2018, celebrating the universal language of food with a collection of recipes heavily inspired by the food, experience and culture encountered on his travels.

The past few years have seen Jack cook his way around Western Australia in two series of Jack Stein Born to Cook and travel around the Durbanville Wine Valley in South Africa, for a series with his brother Charlie. In his latest TV series, Jack took 10 classic British dishes around the world to share their history and see what the locals think of them in Jack Stein: Inside the Box.

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